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Our Promise

Our semi-independent homes are more than just somewhere to live. They bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood so that a young person is prepared for the challenges of living independently. We help with a smooth transition with the support of competent staff.

Our service

Some young people refer to leaving care as ‘the instant expectation of adulthood’. They are suddenly expected to know how to cook their own meals, run a home and manage their finances, all in one go and without any support. Taks is there to hold a hand and aide a smooth transition with the right support.

Transition and life skills support for care leavers

At Taks Healthcare we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the requirements of each young person we support from placement commencement: through an evidenced successful placement and on to independence.

Our Support staff are passionate about supporting young people! Our mission statement is to nurture all our young people on the journey to independence, and this is felt from the beginning of a placement with us. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a high standard of care and support to all of our young people.

We ensure that the Safeguarding of our young people and staff is paramount. We deliver support using a person-centered approach.

Key work sessions are used to establish and develop a young persons independent living skills and prepare them for independent living post 18. The sessions ensure our young people can.

Life skills training

Assistance with benefits/bills

Accessing professional help & liaison with other agencies

Other support

  • Monitoring & supervising compliance with medication
  • Emotional difficulties (informal counseling)
  • Befriending & chatting with clients/guest
  • Resettlement & preparation for move on accommodation
  • Organizing social events & holidays
  • Religious and cultural observances
  • Maintaining contact with family and friends
  • Dealing with disputes with neighbours or other tenants
  • Complying with terms of the tenancy
  • 1-1 mentors for residents in semi-independent living
  • Explore hobbies and leisure activities
  • Maintain a successful tenancy


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